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Our business revolves around the new color steel plate industry, We are striving to surpass, Innovate with the spirit of a challenger And continuously deepen our professional knowledge and manufacture differentiated new products We are striving to provide our customers with excellent products, services, and solutions.

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Lishong Company focuses on corrosion resistance, solving insulation problems, and specialized customized manufacturing for different environments to reduce losses caused by owners' secondary plate replacement. The product has good quality, long service life, and is beautiful. We are willing to work together with ambitious people in the industry to create a better future!

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   Fujian Leasen New Material co., ltd. was founded in 2013  in Putian ,the city of Mazu - a sea goddess worshiped by Chinese throughout the world .It is a coastal city located in centr···

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The irresistible temptation

Gold is one of the most brilliant luster colors, and it is also the supreme pure color in nature. It is the color of the sun, representing warmth and happiness, and also has the charm of shining brightly on the world. Since ancient times, the value of gold has endowed it with symbolic meanings such...

Counterfeiting Action with a Heavy Fist

In daily sales, it is inevitable to encounter some counterfeit goods, which are inferior in quality to genuine products and even have not undergone professional testing. The circulation of these counterfeit goods can disrupt normal market order, endanger human health, and harm consumer rights.Nine i...

2018 Fujian Litong Product Quality Declaration

We cannot offer you a lower price, but we will definitely give you good quality and good service!We would rather explain the price to you for a while than apologize to you for quality and integrity for a lifetime!Welcome to Fujian Litong!...

Economical - reducing maintenance, replacement, and additional operating costs

Actually, the total cost of the building=comprehensive cost of materials x number of renovationsCompared with ordinary PE color steel plate and Lisong titanium tin color steel plate, the roof needs to be replaced once or twice within a 10-15 year service life. The cost of secondary roof replacement,...